Cocoguru Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - Pouch 500 ml

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Product Description

Food grade edible coconut oil (coco nut) 

  • Cocoguru Cold Pressed coconut oil is extracted from hot-air dried copra pieces.
  • High grade coconuts are hot-air dried to preserve the nutritional values of coconut and improve the shelf life.
  • Dried copra is then cut and expelled to get 100% pure coconut cooking oil.
  • With cold press, the natural flavors, aroma, and nutrients are preserved.
  • It has free fatty acids below 0.5%, an iodine value of about 8.5, and moisture of about 0.10%.
  • The Cocoguru coconut oils use the Grade-1 copra pieces for oil extraction and promise quality and taste.
  • The nutrient-rich oil can be used for cooking, raw consumption, haircare, skincare, baby massage, and oil pulling.
  • Applying coconut oil around the nose helps prevent the spread of coronavirus into the body.

Coconut Oil Type

  • Cold Pressed Edible Grade, 100% pure, natural, unrefined and filtered suitable for cooking.
  • No artificial flavours, no preservatives, no chemicals, no trans fats, no mineral oils and gluten-free.
  • Grade IA Raw as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for Coconut Oil(IS:542-1968).
  • Copra is dried and oil is extracted through the expeller and double filtered through the filter press.


  • Cooking, Deep frying, Salad dressing, raw consumption, food flavouring, and Keto diet.
  • Also used for hair care, skincare or body massage, oral care or oil pulling, lighting lamp and soap making.

Health Benefits

  • Contains good cholesterol for a healthy heart, Easily digestible medium-chain fatty acids improves metabolism, boosts energy and aids in weight loss.
  • Good anti-bacterial, anti fungal, antiviral properties help in fighting rashes and diseases.
  • Applying coconut oil around the nose helps prevent the spread of coronavirus into the body.

Coconut Oil Properties

  • Appears transparent white, viscous liquid, solidifies below 25 degrees.
  • Has aroma and taste of raw copra.
  • Floats in water with a specific gravity of 0.91. Shelf life of 6 months when stored in a closed container.
  • Stable at high temperatures and doesn't break down.


  • Flexible pouch enables easy utility and handling.
  • The oil should be transferred to another container once opened to enhance the shelf life.

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